Harriet Schuyler

NYSF graduate, Geologist

An NYSF graduate, Harriet found her passion in rocks, and completed her undergraduate geology degree from the University of Adelaide at age 20. She was subsequently offered a Mining Engineering graduate role at BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam and was given the opportunity to complete her Masters’ Degree part time through the University of New South Wales fully funded by the company whilst maintaining full time employment.

She has worked in various mining positions, and was accepted into a Master of Finance course at Griffith University. She sat for her = First Class Underground Metalliferous Mine Manager’s Ticket and then chose to follow her passion back into underground hard rock mining and moved into a Specialist Operational Analysis and Improvement Engineering role at South 32 Cannington mine, before moving into the role of Improvement Specialist, where she leads and manages site wide improvement projects, with a focus on increasing employee engagement and enhance current processes and systems.

She is enthusiastic about promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to younger students and supporting women and future leaders in the mining and resources industries.

Sessions with Harriet Schuyler